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Free audio recording software options

Posted by Selwyn Ramp on | July 13, 2016 | No Comments

There are (at least) two good free digital audio editors available, if you would like to level your sound, cut sections, do basic mixing of audio etc.

Audacity os a free digital audio editor and recording computer software
You can download Audicty at

You can find a basic beginner’s guide here:
Here is a video about mixing music with voice:

The other app I want to highlight is Levelator

Levelator is a free software app that makes adjustments to audio.  Though they have stopped development of this software in 2012, it is still one of the best pieces of software out there that allows you to make adjustments to your audio in terms of loudness (you can level different soundbits so they have similar volumes).

You can download Levelator at

you can learn the basics about levelator at:
More detailed information about normalizing audio can be found here:


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