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Location based platform Baltimore Heritage – Contributor Guidelines

Posted by Selwyn Ramp on | July 13, 2016 | No Comments

Explore Baltimore Heritage – Contributor Guidelines

This is a collaboratively edited set of guidelines and resources for contributors to the Baltimore Heritage project. Useful if you are writing a single story on a topic that interests you or if you are an educator working with a group of students to develop an entire tour. This document includes an overview of the component parts of stories and tours, guidelines for composing and formatting stories and suggestions for how best to submit stories for publication.

Speicic sections discuss 

What is an Explore Baltimore Heritage story?
What is not an Explore Baltimore Heritage Story?
What is an Explore Baltimore Heritage tour?
Writing Guidelines:
What resources are available to help research a story or tour?
How do I compose a title?
How do I compose a description?
Keep it clear and concise!
Make it special!
Write an engaging lead that identifies a strong theme.
Provide context but keep the story focused.
Revise, Revise, Revise!
How do I format a description?
How do I select and format a list of related sources?
How do I select tags?
How do I select a subject heading?
How can I include images with my story?
Submission Process:
How do I submit an Explore Baltimore Heritage story?
What Happens after I Submit a Story?
How will I be Credited?
Additional Resources
Examples of other content creation guides


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