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Success metrics for Mobile experiences

The following represents a working list of success metrics that museums are using to evaluate their mobile experiences. Please assist us by adding to this list, raising questions or clarifying points. Downloads Usage analytics Reviews/ratings in app stores (quality and quantity) Comments (quality and quantity) Engagement spectrum (from spectating through creating) Variety and quality of contributions […]

Closed Captioning in Interpretive Apps

I’m planning an app for a historic site and am curious if Closed Captioning for audio and video tracks is a given or a nice-to-have.

Exhibitly Needs Your Help!

Exhibitly is building an exciting new mobile platform for cultural institutions but we need your help! We have posted a short survey that will assist us in determining which features facilities think are must-haves and which ones we should scrap immediately. We would appreciate your time in completing this. To begin the survey please click […]

iTouch Battery life and general robustness

All- As we’re getting close to launch at the ESB, I’m curious if anyone has data, or can point to real world data, on typical battery life and robustness issues with the iTouches? I’ll certainly share what we learn this fall. We’re using a custom case for security and protection and are considering going through […]

Research on tablets for learning

Here at the British Museum’s Samsung Digital Discovery Centre, we are about to acquire a set of Samsung Galaxy Tabs for a large scale education project. The project will involve museum visits by 700 secondary school students (age 12-13) in June/July 2011. The students will complete a two-part activity:  Completing an AR/web-based game activity on the […]

Which technology to use for your app?

Many people have talked about native apps vs web apps. Some point out the differences, others show how you can combine the two with a wrapper to create hybrid apps. Hoppr, our iPhone application, is such a hybrid application which uses Phonegap. We have come to the point however where we wonder if it’s still […]

Reagan Library iTouch

Anyone know who built the app?

Mobile clinic at MCN 2010

A cross between agony column and war room, this ‘unconference’ style workshop begins as soon as you sign up. Through the MCN2010 wiki, you are invited to pose your questions and mobile interpretation challenges; if they are based on actual projects you’re working on, all the better. Our aim is to plan real mobile solutions […]

Building a multimedia guide on the iPhone with web technology

We wrote an article about the web technologies we used to build a mobile multimedia iPhone app, including jQuery, jQTouch and Phonegap. Be sure to read it on our blog at