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Research on tablets for learning

Here at the British Museum’s Samsung Digital Discovery Centre, we are about to acquire a set of Samsung Galaxy Tabs for a large scale education project. The project will involve museum visits by 700 secondary school students (age 12-13) in June/July 2011. The students will complete a two-part activity:  Completing an AR/web-based game activity on the […]

Leafsnap from the Smithsonian’s NMNH

Recruiting the world to help increase and diffuse knowledge of tree diversity and distribution Reposted from Sometimes it takes a while for the technology to catch up with a great idea. Leafsnap, the app from the National Museum of Natural History, the University of Columbia and the University of Maryland, was conceived over 8 […]

DC’s Big Game Idea

Below is a concept for a pan-DC game for cultural institutions, proposed by Rachel Meskin of the Friends of the National Zoo and Kellian Adams of SCVNGR. It will be discussed in the DC Mobile Initiative’s Nov 3, 2010 meeting at the National Archives. Join us or comment here! The Idea Spatial elements can be […]

Mobile Content Standards Summit US 2010b

Notes from the gathering at MCN 2010, Austin, TX 1-5pm 27 October 2010 Three asks of all who attended and read this blog post: Tell us if you are interested in using the spec/ Contribute your existing specs/documents so we can learn from them. Comment on the spec and what we’re doing. Attendees: Meeting led […]

What Does it Take to Get a Conversation Going?

Ed Rothstein’s article “From Picassos to Sarcophagi, Guided by Phone Apps” in The New York Times provoked lots of response, including my own blog post. People have continued to post interesting comments on my blog, so I’m linking to it so we can merge the conversations happening in both places.

Vantage Point at NMAI: Cross-platform mobile interpretation

In September 2010 the National Museum of the American Indian launched a cross-platform mobile interpretation solution for their contemporary art display, Vantage Point. It consists of a mobile website (developed in-house), a cellphone tour, and Microsoft Tags, all of which are integrated with the analog wall label. The project is a great example of how […]

A Hatchet Job on the Capitol Visitor Center’s Audio Tour

On Oct 5, 2010 Erika Lovley published “Health, safety risks alleged at Capitol Visitor Center” in Politico, alleging that “lice and body fluids” had been seen on the audio tour headsets provided at the US Capitol Visitor Center. In over a decade of working with audio tours and the like in museums around the world, […]

Mobile clinic at MCN 2010

A cross between agony column and war room, this ‘unconference’ style workshop begins as soon as you sign up. Through the MCN2010 wiki, you are invited to pose your questions and mobile interpretation challenges; if they are based on actual projects you’re working on, all the better. Our aim is to plan real mobile solutions […]

Foursquare, Gowalla & SCVNGR in DC

At our 17 Sept 2010 DC-area Mobile Meet-up at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, we agreed to follow up with online and in-person about possible collaborations on the Foursquare, Gowalla and/or SCVNGR platforms. This blog page will allow us to record and exchange notes on what we’re doing individually on these platforms, and begin to […]

DC Area Mobile Meetup, 4 Aug 2010, Newseum

Notes from the inaugural DC-area Mobile Meetup at the Newseum, 4 Aug 2010 -Augmented Reality – how we can utilize that Navigate mall in DC? Is there a possibility of collaboration with tourism, city etc.? Simple one stop shop for people coming into town would be fantastic, is this possible? Create a standard set of […]

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