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Success metrics for Mobile experiences

The following represents a working list of success metrics that museums are using to evaluate their mobile experiences. Please assist us by adding to this list, raising questions or clarifying points. Downloads Usage¬†analytics Reviews/ratings in app stores (quality and quantity) Comments (quality and quantity) Engagement spectrum (from spectating through creating) Variety and quality of contributions […]

Closed Captioning in Interpretive Apps

I’m planning an app for a historic site and am curious if Closed Captioning for audio and video tracks is a given or a nice-to-have.

Mobile Content Standards Summit US 2010b

Notes from the gathering at MCN 2010, Austin, TX 1-5pm 27 October 2010 Three asks of all who attended and read this blog post: Tell us if you are interested in using the spec/ Contribute your existing specs/documents so we can learn from them. Comment on the spec and what we’re doing. Attendees: Meeting led […]

Mobile Content Standards Summit UK 2010

Notes from the gathering at Tate Modern, 1-5pm 8 September 2010 Meeting led by Rob Stein, notes by Nancy Proctor Attendees: Andrew Nug√©e, Imagineear Chris McLaren, Tristan Interactive Robert Genereux, Sennheiser Lena Bonsiepen, Jewish Museum, Berlin Sayoko Teitelbaum, Toura Louise Downe, Tate Peter Gorgels, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Gavin Hogben, University of Cambridge & RISD Marco Mason, […]