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The Empire State Building Tour will be using a basic, metallic case with a lanyard. However, as an excersize for this group and other projects, I initiated the design of a customizable case for the iPhone/iTouch device.

The case woud be manufactured by Grabba, an Australian Company with extensive experience designing specialized PDA cases.

For the iTouch, the case would have “walky-talky” style charging conductors, LED charge status lights, a pass-through USB port for high speed data transfer, and comes with a charging tray for 20 devices.

The basic case costs $150 each and the charging palette is around $900.

There are some interesting options: the case has room to add a circuit board that can mount an RFID reader, an SDIO slot, GPS card, and has a battery to power the options.

The SDIO slot is of interest because the Grabba case can be used by anyone with their own device so that the case is rented at low cost and has the content preloaded.

Contact Mr. Laurie Pane

w 818 729 1954

c 818 632 6085

Follow this link for data on iPhone and 3G phone general durability data…

Below is a drawing of the case. I know it tends to cover up some of the iPhone design (actually it looks like the phone is mated to a tank) but functionality and durability are greatly increased.


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